The first MargheritaB garment was born in 2002, thanks to the intuition of Milena Salvemini, that he strongly wanted to give to cashmere innovative cuts and colors.

Years of study and research have produced more and more new collections , rich and attentive to the latest trends, transforming Margherita B into a unique brand of its kind .

From year to year Milena adds a small piece of novelty. First of all the Made in Italy of the entire production chain, starting from the study and the design carried out on his desk in Franciacorta.

Furthermore, for some years now, the winter collection of Cashmere only has been enriched with summer collection , in which the fabrics, strictly natural, they are selected with care and the realization of the garments followed meticulously, directly by her.

Become one of a kind, the Margherita B brand offers style and quality who become interpreters of timeless elegance. The most classic of yarns are definitely discovered glamor .


margheritab - foto in biancoe nero di milena in ufficio mentre sceglie i tessuti

My name is Milena, and I started this adventure in 2002!

It all started with three needs ....

I couldn't find what I wanted

I love cashmere and silk but the models available were always few, serious and never innovative.

I love colors, but the items I could find were always not very colorful.
I had been a model for about fifteen years.
I loved fashion and felt I knew the sector but above all I had a great desire ...