Timeless, vibrant, contemporary. These are the words that describe MargheritaB, born thanks to the intuition of Milena Salvemini, an internationally renowned former model.

After leaving the catwalks in 2002, Milena made her dream come true: the creation of a line of cashmere clothing, outside the usual patterns and completely Made in Italy.

It all started in the early 2000s, when he realized that cashmere clothing was limited, too rigid and made in too classic colors such as beige, black or grey.
The idea of ​​MargheritaB came to life and Milena began to think about garments with bright color shades and trendy models in step with fashion. Colors that came from the island of Procida, where she was born, from the houses of its fishermen, from the lemon trees present in every garden and from the crystalline seabed that surrounded it.

Over the years, season after season, Milena has added the summer one to the cashmere-only collection, enriching them with innovative but always rigorously natural and carefully selected ideas and fabrics.

His studio is currently in Franciacorta and from his desk he meticulously manages all the production phases for each garment, leaving nothing to chance.

MargheritaB also collaborates with small artisan businesses located throughout the area, supporting the local economy. Small jewels placed in various points of Italy that represent his pride.

The essence of MargheritaB garments?

Femininity and versatility that go hand in hand, bringing out sensuality in every woman without losing sight of practicality.

A MargheritaB garment, in fact, can be worn on any occasion, changing the right accessory if necessary.

This is undoubtedly the fundamental element of each garment, and the unique touch of MargheritaB.

margheritab - black and white photo of milena in the office while choosing fabrics

I couldn't find what I wanted

I love cashmere and silk but the models available were always few, serious and never innovative.

I love colours, but the items I could find were always not very colourful.
I had been modeling for about fifteen years.
I loved fashion and felt I knew the sector but above all I had a great desire...