Special Outfit


Venice envelops.

Venice cradles, like a mother does with her child.

Venice takes care, Venice embraces all those who let themselves go
to the rocking of its waters and the silence of its streets.

Venice hosts extraordinary people that MargheritaB meets.


The fragility of the precious Murano glass and the strength of its women.

The opacity of a glass work and the clarity of the ideas of these splendid creatures.

The fear of a sudden movement that breaks it and the courage to found a company,
traditionally male, only female.

Apparent contrasts, but in reality wonderful combinations.


In Rome, MargheritaB's red thread meets a
courageous, creative and fluid person.

Ah Rome: eternal and wonderful city.

Thanks to the splendid Roman she met, MargheritaB got rich and her thread was intertwined with hers, weaving a fantastic fabric that never stops growing.