You discover How to make the return of your purchases at Margheritab for free. Before proceeding, make sure your goods have all the requirements to be returned by reading notes in the special page Returns and refunds.

All garments purchased on the Margherita B site. They can be returned for free exclusively through GLS courier.

The return of the products must be carried out no later than 14 days from the date of arrival of the order.





1. Complete the return management module, present in the package received, in all its parts, in a readable manner. Pay particular attention to fill out The area at the top left, with your data. In case you don't have the original rendered management module anymore, you can download it Clicking here.


2. Articles must be made in the same conditions in which they have been received, it is necessary to keep the card (where present). Pack the goods in a box, so as to guarantee safe transport.

ATTENTION! Returned products must not have been worn, washed or altered in any way and should not be dirty. If these conditions are not observed, the product in question will be returned to the sender. In the event that the customer receives from the beginning a non-compliant or dirty article, it will be required to warn about the problem before proceeding with the return Writing an e-mail to ; In the absence of this communication we will proceed with the return of the head itself to the sender and no refund will be performed.


3. Label the package, filling out the appropriate label (download now) Or copy thelabel Writing the text on a sheet, if you don't have a printer. Attach the sheet on the package.


4. Print and fill out the transport document to be delivered to the courier (download now). If you don't have a printer you can copy the texts to a sheet manually.


5. Book the retreat of the return, accessing the site of the Corriere GLS through the following link: Book a collection.

To be able to book your withdrawal, you must register an account on the site, If you haven't already done so here are the instructions to follow to register on the GLS website:

- Click on Register.

- Choose if you are a private individual or company.

- Enter the name and surname on the intercom and the corresponding way.

- Enter a valid e-mail address that will be used to activate your GLS account you are creating.

- Create a username that you will remember easily.

- Create a password: it must contain at least 8 characters, including letters, numbers and at least a special character (#, ?, &, $ or%).

- Once the email has been received, Click on the link to confirm the registration.

- after verifying the registration, log in Clicking here

- insert in the area "Registered GLS customer not subscribed" Username and password Invented a little while ago:




How to book your withdrawal Once you have logged in on the GLS website:


- From the home, after logging in, select the "Request a collection" item.

- Fill in the fields and choose the day and time withdrawal (approximate) you prefer.

- Choose the assigned port item (to the recipient) In order to take advantage of the free collection.

- If the reservation is successful you will receive a confirmation email from GLS within 30 minutes.


For more information write to us at