Timeless elegance, contemporary, vibrant. These are the signatures of Margherita B, a concept created by Milena Salvemini, an international model who worked under fashion houses such as Fendi and Valentino alongside top models like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer before starting her line of cashmere apparel, purely made in Italy in 2002.

The story goes back to the early 2002s when Milena found very limited cashmere designs and which, at the time, were often too rigid and usually in classic colours such as beige, black or grey. The idea of Margherita B then came about when Milena started to create a new kind of cashmere apparel for personal use that has a myriad of colours and is cut in trendy silhouettes.

Born in Procida, a small island off the coast of southwest Italy, Milena’s inspiration came from her childhood surroundings in this Mediterranean jewel with its famed colourful fishermen’s houses, lemon trees, idyllic beaches and dreamy backdrops. Margherita B is thus a Pantone of Procida: lively, down-to-earth and nostalgic. 

From her drawing desk in Franciacorta to the final packaging, every part of the production line is done in Italy with each creation meticulously managed by Milena herself. From Como to Perugia, Margherita B collaborates with production companies within the territory, supporting well-known artisanal businesses that are sadly decreasing in number in the face of globalisation

Over the years, Milena constantly added new pieces of ideas and fabrics into her collection season after season. Only until recent years did the brand add into its predominantly winter cashmere collections with summer collections, with strictly and carefully selected (pure) fabrics.

The essence of Margherita B, above all, is femininity and versatility. It aims to bring out the epitome of femininity in each apparel for all ages, while also being practical for every occasion, at any time of the day. This is no doubt a fundamental element in every design which is also the unique touch of Margherita B.

Margheritab-photo in black white milena in the office while she chooses tissues

I couldn’t find what I was looking for

I love cashmere and silk. However, the styles available at the time were only a handful, too serious and bland.

I love colours but the garments that I managed to find were usually boring.
I was a fashion model for almost fifteen years.
I love fashion and I have a great desire to share my passion and ideas with everyone who loves colourful clothes, quality fabrics and a taste of Procida!